Third Street Eyecare

Third Street Eyecare


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About Us

We are a private optometry practice and retail store offering an amazing selection of one of a kind frames and sunwear for your entire family.

•Comprehensive family eye exams from Third Street Eyecare

Start your family on the journey to better eye care and overall health with a visit to Third Street Eyecare. We provide comprehensive eye exams for all ages, including eye disease management, school eye exams and vision management for seniors.

•Contact Lens Fittings

Advancements in contact lens designs, manufacturing and fitting techniques now allow us to fit many individuals who were previously not candidates. We offer an exceptional array of the latest contact lenses designed to give greater comfort and better vision while standing up against dryness. We fit lenses for astigmatism, bifocal, monovision, myopia control and lenses for damaged or irregularly shaped eyes.



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