The housekeeper is responsible for cleaning guest rooms and common areas of the hotel and to have them ready for guests according to the policies and procedures of the Company.  Part-Time Position in our My Place Hotel facility on Randall Road in North Aurora.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  1. Must wear the proper uniform and name badge and ensure it is in clean and in good condition daily.
  2. Must be able to push stocked housekeeping cart weighing approximately 200 lbs. and reach items on the top of the cart, which is approximately 47 inches from the floor. In addition,
    must be able to reach the lowest shield on the cart at an approximate height of 12 inches from the floor.
  3. Thoroughly clean all areas of assigned guest rooms.
  4. Check mattress pads, blankets and bedspreads for cleanliness, stains and tears.
  5. Remove all towels from the guest room and bathroom area and replace with clean towels. Must be able to reach the towel holder approximately 42-60 inches from the floor.
  6. Scrub bathroom vanity. Must be able to reach an approximate height of 36 to 40 inches.
  7. Scrubs toilet. Must be able to reach from the floor to a height of approximately 18 inches from the floor.
  8. Scrubs bathtub, reaching an approximate height of 75 inches to the top of the shower wall and from the bottom of the bathtub to the top of the tub approximately 15 inches above the
  9. Scrubs bathroom floor. Scrubbing involves repetitive pushing and pulling with hands, arms, elbows and shoulders. Scrubbing also involves extensive bending, stooping and kneeling.
  10. Cleans bathroom mirror. Must be able to reach height of approximately 42 to 70 inches.
  11. Cleans bathroom fan. Must be able to reach height of approximately 96 inches using a step stool.
  12. Stocks guest room and bathroom with clean linens and guest supplies such as towels, soap, ashtrays, shampoo, plastic glasses, Company/Brand directory, comment card and other
    required and approved supplies and literature.
  13. Opens window to let fresh air into guest room, weather permitting.
And more.   Full description and Application can be found HERE

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