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Crystals 101 Workshop
Learn the Basics with Your Friends at Crystal Life
Crystal Basics 101
Saturday, March 9, 2019
Geneva History Museum, 113 S Third St., Geneva, IL 60134
Come join us for an all-day workshop about crystals! You will learn the basics of working with crystals and gemstones. This includes how to select crystals, how to cleanse and energize crystals, what the different crystal shapes are used for, how to make a medicine wheel and a crystal grid, how to dowse with crystals, how to make a crystal elixir and how to work with crystals for your personal health and well-being. Your fee includes crystals and a grid base that you’ll learn to assemble in class. 

10 am – How to work with and care for crystals. The meaning of different shapes like spheres and obelisks.
11:30 – Crystal Community. How to work with crystals in combinations, medicine wheels, grids and layouts. You will set up a grid to take home with you.
12:45 – Lunch break and shopping. The museum is next door to Crystal Life, where all workshop attendees enjoy a 10% discount for the day!
1:45 – Crystals and the human energy field. You’ll learn how to work with crystals to make elixirs, balance a room, and clear and balance your own energy field.
3:00 – Pendulums, dowsing and crystals
3:30 – Questions and Answers. We’ll clarify any remaining questions you have about working with crystals.
Workshop leaders: Atala Toy, president of Crystal Life, is an internationally renowned author and workshop leader who has been working with crystals and subtle energy for over 50 years. Gary Lupton, our resident  Crystal Meister, and store operations manager, is currently focused on the utilization of ancient wisdom teachings in a contemporary world. Tracy Paddy, our Social Media Director, is responsible for much of the information about crystals that you find at Crystal Life’s online sources.
Venue: The Geneva History Museum is the town’s wisdom keeper. It is conveniently located next door to Crystal Life. Doors open at 9:45 for registration. Dress casually. Bring a bag lunch – there are no quick take-out delis near the Museum. There will be coffee, water, and snacks on hand.
To register for this event, call Crystal Life Technology at 630-208-6001 or sign up for the workshop in the events area of our website crystal-life.com
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phone: (630) 208-6001
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