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$31 Off Furnace Tune Up
Furnace Tune Up Special
$31 Off Furnace Tune Up Gas Furnace System Tune Up (Regular Price $149)

Heating Equipment Safety & Performance Inspection List Includes: 

  • Heat exchanger will be inspected for cracks or deterioration

  • Air filters will be replaced at customer’s request

  • Safety controls will be tested for proper operation

  • Exhaust vent checked to be in working order

  • Burners and pilots will be cleaned for proper operation

  • Blower motor and wheel will be inspected for debris

  • Operating controls will be cycled and visually inspected 

  • Natural gas lines will be inspected for detectable leaks

  • Line voltage switch and wiring will be inspected

  • Furnace will be inspected for dirt, mold and mildew

  • Indoor relative humidity will be tested

  • Provide written report of condition and recommendations

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phone: (630) 381-0973
Offer Valid: December 21, 2018March 31, 2019
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